Journalism 415

For 12 years, there was never any question who would be the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts and it was going to be no. 18 Peyton Manning.  A four-time NFL MVP, 11-time Pro Bowl selection and Super Bowl XLI MVP, Manning was the unquestioned franchise quarterback.

But then 2011 hit.  The lockout for the NFL was upon the nation and Peyton had to go through two neck surgeries without being able to be in contact with his team’s doctors.  When the regular season began, many believed no. 18 would be under center since he had never missed a start before, 208 straight games.  But he wasn’t, and he wouldn’t suit up for the once proud Colts organization during the season.

Without Manning under center, the Colts struggled.  They couldn’t find a way to win until week 15.  They went on to only win two games and secure the no. 1 overall pick.  A pick that according to sources close to the Colts will be used on Stanford signal caller, Andrew Luck.

And now, as the Super Bowl rolls around us, the questions again arose with what will happen with Peyton Manning.  Will the Colts release him, trade him or keep him.  Of course this all depends on if he is healthy.


Do you believe Peyton Manning will play in 2012?

Jesse Hegwood: sophomore from San Diego

              “Peyton is way too good to sit out.  Even an injured Peyton is better than some of the starting quarterbacks in the league now.”

Ashton Conrad: senior from Harrisonburg, Va.

              “I think he will or at least try to. He’s a champion, champions want to play.”

Darius Willis: junior linebacker from Houston

               “I think he will, he’s too talented not to.”

What do you think the Colts will do with him, release him or keep him?

Jesse Hegwood:

              “I think he still wants to be out there.  If I were the Colts I’d keep him, and kind of do what the Green Bay Packers did with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers.  But I also think Peyton would be a great quarterback coach and/or mentor for Luck.”

Ashton Conrad:

              “I think they’ll keep him.  After seeing how badly they were without him, it will encourage them to keep him and give him a chance if he recovers.  They can’t do much worse with him in.  You never know about a rookie.”

Darius Willis:

              “They’ll release him because they want to be able to rebuild and start fresh.  The only way to do that is to bring in the kid from Stanford [Luck].”


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