Jayhawks respond to the release of Peyton Manning

A person could not turn on the t.v., radio or get on the internet without seeing the news of Peyton Manning getting released by the Indianapolis Colts.

The experts have said about eight teams may be interested in the future Hall of Fame quarterback. I went around the University of Kansas and got their opinions on where they think he’ll end up.


NATHAN FORDYCE: On Wednesday, the Indianapolis Colts did what everyone believed they were going to do once the season was over, release the four-time NFL MVP Peyton Manning. As a Colts fan, University of Kansas sophomore Tim Clark understands why the Colts made the move.

TIM CLARK: I mean I understand why did it, they had to cut the budget and all that. I think they got Luck coming in. There’s no sense paying him what was it, $30 million? So, I think they should have kept him for awhile. Have him show Luck the ropes because nobody knows the team like he does now.

FORDYCE: Several teams will be bidding for Peyton Manning, but only one team will get the lucky chance to sign the future Hall of Fame quarterback. The experts all have their ideas of where he’ll end up, but where do University of Kansas students think that will be?

CHAD RENNER: Chiefs all the way.

MARCUS HOLLINGER: I would hate for Kansas City to get him used and abused.

EDWARD RAAB: I’m a Chiefs fan but I think he should go to the Texans.

ERNEST SHEPARD: I just hope where ever he goes, he gets the ultimate revenge.

JACOB PETERSON: I hope he comes to the Chiefs.

FORDYCE: One thing is for certain, the number 18 jersey of Peyton Manning will be walking away from the Colts. This is Nathan Fordyce, wordpress.com


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