In the golf world, is Tiger Woods still relevant?

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ALAN SMITH: Hello I’m Alan Smith. Tiger Woods has always been icon to people, but what about now? For more on Tiger, here’s Nathan Fordyce.

NATHAN FORDYCE:  Thanks Alan. Tiger Woods has had his ups and downs but as of late, he has been in contention to win. He finished second at Abu Dhabi and finished 15th at Pebble Beach after being just one shot back to start the final round. He was the talk of golf on both occasions despite losing, but do people really find him relevant today?

KIT GROVE:  “Kit Grove head men’s golf coach here at the University of Kansas. Is he still relevant, I think absolutely. You still look at the ratings when Tiger plays, I mean attendance levels goes up, t.v. ratings goes up.”

FORDYCE: Assistant men’s golf coach Brian McCants also agrees that Woods is an important figure in the world of golf.

BRIAN MCCANTS: “No question. I think he’s a by far in the world of golf, he’s still the most important figure. As long as he plays professionally, he’ll always kind of be the first question out of everyone’s mouth when he plays a tournament can he win or will he win.”

FORDYCE: Yes he’s the most important player on tour because of ratings, but what about the other people who are on tour. Even when they win, they get no face time on major television networks. Coach Grove isn’t so sure they should be.

GROVE: “Yes and no. They’re making way more money. I mean he fuels the purses, he fuels the endorsements.”

FORDYCE: If you were into golf growing up, it was hard not to have Woods as a role model.  For junior golfer Chris Gilbert, Woods is still a role model on the course.

CHRIS GILBERT: “He still inspires me because even with all the stuff that happened, he still prepares the best in the world.”

FORDYCE: Coach Grove was impressed with how Woods played before the news of his personal life came out because it had to be going on before the news hit.

GROVE: “It was actually amazing  to see what a high level he played at with all his skeletons in that closet.”

FORDYCE: The big question that comes with Tiger now, do people want to see him succeed and win. Coach McCants has no doubt he will.

MCCANTS: “He’s too good and he works too hard for him not to win.”

FORDYCE: The verdict is left to be seen if Tiger Woods will win and how long it will take. Also restoring his image won’t be an easy task to do amongst golf fans. I’m Nathan Fordyce, make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.


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